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Altai is located in the center of the Asian continent and it is the most attractive region of Siberia. Exceptional richness of flora and fauna determined the natural conditions of this unique mountain country. Altai, together with the Caucasus and Kamchatka, are the key points of Russia with the richest biological diversity. Its cultural and historical heritage is known by the whole world.

Scientific research of Altai biological diversity and identification of resource-valuable species of animals and plants began more than 150 years ago. Full disclosure of the unique healing properties of Altai living sources became possible in the XXI century due to development of modern practice-oriented technology and fundamental science. The research institutes and universities of Altai Krai use the modern technologies and their original methods, which based on the interaction of biomedicine, bioengineering, pharmacology, molecular biology and organic chemistry.

There are seven institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences with Altai State University and other Higher Education Institutions work in Altai Krai. Jointly they conduct the advanced research for solving the social and economic problems in the region. There is the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster in the Altai Krai. It consists of 36 organizations, including Russian leaders in the production of biologically active additives and pharmaceuticals such as “Evalar” and “Altaivitaminy”.

One of the main missions of the symposium is to solve the problems in the field of public health and to perform the tasks of Russian food safety. Symposium Program Committee believes that good health allows people to reach their full potential, to be happy and be able to see the continuation of their business and family.

Many people in the World already know that Altai is a unique place with a high concentration of plant and animal species that have medicinal properties.

We are waiting for you on the events of the International Biotechnology Symposium “Bio-Asia – 2015” in Barnaul city!

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